Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Of Pomegranates, Pummelos, and Persimmons

Since moving to California, we have come better acquainted with Pomegranates. I had tasted one before, but can't recall more than one occasion. During the Fall and into the beginning of Winter we ate them on a regular basis. A friend from church had a tree in his yard and brought some to share each Sunday. All of the children, even Grant, really enjoy them. I enjoy eating a pomegranate plain, but have discovered that one of my favorite ways to enjoy it is in a spinach salad along with Feta, a couple of dried cranberries, some sliced almonds and bacon (if it is available). Check out this wonderful post on Our Best Bites on How to enjoy a Pomegranate:


A fruit that I had never heard of before we moved here is the pummelo. This is in the citrus family. It has much less sweetness than an orange and is much less bitter than a grapefruit. It is a little harder to eat, but quite pleasant on the palate. The pummelos I procured were quite large. Here is a picture of mine next to a grapefruit and a very small clementine.

Finally, the persimmon. Such a friendly little fruit. We have a persimmon tree in our backyard, but before we moved here I had never even heard of it! It is hard to explain what a persimmon tastes like. It has the texture of a peach inside, but doesn't taste like a peach. It is somewhat reminiscent of a mango, but not really. We have found that if they are too ripe, we do not enjoy them very much. The kids love them! So, if you ever cross paths with a persimmon, take a bite! (But peel the outside skin off first)

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  1. Actually, there are different varieties of persimmon -- some you can eat the skin, some you wouldn't want to. I think they are closest to tomatoes, only sweeter. I had them sliced in a salad at an RS activity and they were delicious!